Download vCard from a Contact's Common Tasks widget

If you would like to download a contact's vCard, you can now do so from the Common Tasks widget on their Overview page. In the example below, we'll walk you through doing this into Outlook, but you can download a vCard into Contacts on a Mac as well.

So, let's say that you wanted to download a vCard for Emily Investor. First, you'd go to her Contact Record within Redtail CRM. You'd then scroll down to her Common Tasks widget:




Click Download vCard. You can then click Open in the resulting dialog:




You'll then see the contact's information displayed in a Contact Record in Outlook:




Just click Save & Close and you're done.

Note: the process may vary slightly with different versions of Outlook and different Operating Systems, but this is the basic process. If you have questions about this or run into any issues, just reach out to our Support Team and we'll be happy to assist further.


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