Apply a User Defined Field and Value to your contact records in bulk

You can learn more about where you create User Defined Fields (UDFs) here and more about how you might use UDFs here .  In this post I just want to cover how you would go about adding or editing a UDF for multiple contacts in bulk.

From your Advanced Search page, after running a search that will include your desired contacts, place checks to the left of the names of those contacts to whom you want to edit a UDF:



In the example above, I've run a search that yielded 99 records (only partial results are displayed in the screenshot) — I then selected six of those records for whom I want to add or edit a User Defined Field.

My next step would be to click Options in the Result Options widget to the right of my search results and then to select Bulk User Defined Field from that menu:




After clicking Bulk User Defined Field, I'll then see the Add User Defined Field dialog, where I can add then select a User Defined Field for each of these six records, assign a Field Value for that UDF and apply the change to these six contact records:




Note: there is an option to "Overwrite value if one exists."  This means that if any of the six contacts selected already have this UDF attached to their record, you can overwrite the value currently assigned the UDF in their record with the Field Value you enter here.

The User Defined Fields available here are those that your database users have established within your CRM - you can learn more about adding User Defined Fields to your database here.  Recommendations for how to use UDFs are here.

To select a UDF, just click the arrows in the User Defined Field box, click your desired User Defined Field, enter a Field Value in the box to the right, select the Overwrite box if necessary and click Assign UDF:




In the above example, once I click Assign UDF, these six contacts will have the UDF "Industry" attached to their records with a value for that field of "Banking."  If any of them previously had the UDF "Industry" attached to their records, whatever Field Value that was associated with that UDF will be replaced with "Banking."

As you can probably see, it's a quick and easy method to add UDFs and Field Values for multiple clients at one time.  Note: User Defined Fields and Values are searchable from the Standard Reports page within Redtail CRM, so you can easily search for all records with a specific User Defined Field and/or Field Value.

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