Grid Layout Options


Redtail's grid layout for reports and tables allows for:

  • reordering information by sorting and grouping
  • showing additional columns
  • memory (in some instances) of how you've previously set up a particular table or report that will be retained upon subsequent CRM sessions.

How to Use the Grid

When in a section with a grid, hover over the header row item you would like to filter or sort, then click the arrow at the far right of that header.  You'll then see the following options (Column options will vary dependent upon the grid you are working with):



  • Sort Acending / Decending will arrange the items in the column alphabetically from A to Z or Z to A (or by date or numerically).
  • Columns will allow you to show or hide fields in the grid.
  • Group By This Field will allow you to group  all the items in the grid by the field you have chosen the dropdown for.  (For example, you could group all accounts for an individual client or all clients under each account company.  An example of accounts grouped by client is shown below:


  • Show in Groups will collapse the items in each of the groups by default.  Clicking the plus sign in the grid will expand the group.
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