Contact Overview Menu: Transactions

When you access a contact record in Redtail, you'll notice a new heading menu in your navigation bar, labeled Contact Overview (this menu only appears when within a contact record):



Here, we'll look at the Transactions option under this menu:




This link takes you to your Contact Record's Transactions page, where you can view or edit all Transactions you’ve entered for your contact or add new ones:




If no transactions have been entered for the contact, you would see the above.  To add a transaction, simply click the Add option and you'll then see the below:




You can click Save Transaction after entering the data you want to record and your information will be saved.  Additional Save options allow you to save your current transaction and add another one or to Save and Clone your current Transaction, where you can then make minor edits to the cloned version you are entering.  Once your transaction has been saved, you'll have three right-click options for the transaction when you return to this page.  You can Edit, indicate that it's been Posted (recorded against your account transactions received for credit to or payment from your account) or Delete the transaction.

Additionally, there is a Transactions Report available in pdf format from this page:


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