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The Seminar Management tool in Redtail provides an effective means of streamlining the tasks involved with your seminars. Seminar Management is accessible under your Tools menu:



After selecting Seminar Management, you'll see your Seminar Management page, listing any seminars currently in your database:




To add a new Seminar, click the Add link. You'll then see the below dialog:




As I've done in the example above, you should provide a Seminar Name and Description, Start and End Dates and Times and a Status for your seminar.  If you've created any Checklists for use with Seminars, you can also attach a Checklist to a seminar during creation of the seminar.  Then, click Save New Seminar. The seminar will then appear on your main Seminar Management page:




We'll discuss some right-click options available for your seminars below, but first let's address how you can add Attendees for your seminar. The Advanced Search page is the best area from which to add seminar Attendees as it allows you to add attendees in bulk. After pulling up a list of Contacts you may want to add to your seminar, you can click the checkboxes next to the names that you actually do want to invite:



Then, in the Options pulldown menu to the right of your results, you can choose Add to Seminar:



A new dialog will appear, where you can choose the Seminar you would like to add these attendees to and select a status (Invited, Confirmed, etc.) for the individuals:



There are a number of Seminar Attendee Status options available in your database by default, but you can add more under Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Lists. After selecting your Seminar and Status to assign to these attendees, click Add to Seminar. If there were 64 individuals that you added to your seminar, you would now see that reflected on your Seminar Management page:




Let's now look at your right-click options available with seminars. If we were to right-click our Tax Law on Retirement Savings Seminar, we'd see the below:




  • Edit Seminar - Selecting this allows for the updating of the information of the Seminar including: Seminar Name, Description, Start and End Dates and Status (Active or Prior).  You'll also be able to attach a Checklist to the Seminar here.
  • Manage Seminar Attendees - This allows for the addition (or removal) of contacts to the Attendee list one at a time, as well as displaying a list of current Attendees.  Right-clicking the name of an attendee will provide you with the option of removing them from the Seminar or editing them.  Available edits include changing their Seminar Status or adding up to four guests that may be attending with them.
  • Manage Seminar Checklist - This allows you to edit the steps of a checklist you've attached to a seminar and assign a due date for those Checklist items so that they show up in your Seminar Checklist Reminders.
  • Send to Search - This allows you to send the group of attendees for the seminar to your Advanced Search page, opening up other options available from your Advanced Search page.
  • Delete Seminar - Selecting this will delete the Seminar entirely. If your aim is to remove a seminar because it has been completed, it is recommended that you instead click Edit Seminar and change the Status to "Prior."

Additional options available within Seminar Management include:

    • Filters - Use this feature to display all seminars or just the Active or Prior Seminars on this page. Simply make a selection from the Status dropdown box and click Apply Filter:

  • Seminar Options:

    - Labels - Create labels and envelopes for the contacts listed as attendees for a seminar quickly and easily from a wide range of label templates available. Just place a check next to the Seminar you're working with and then select from the Labels menu.
    - Mail Merge - Merge your seminar attendee contact information into a document which you've uploaded into Redtail as a mail merge template. Some handy uses of this feature include mailings, place cards, invitations, thank you cards, etc.
    - Reports - Quickly pull a report of the seminar attendees for a specific seminar in your list. The report generates a PDF file with the attendee names, addresses, phone numbers (Home and Work) and their "Status" for the event.
With both the Labels and the Mail Merge options above, you can filter by Attendee Status prior to running your labels or mail merge.  Just place a check next to the Seminar for which you want to run the labels or merge and then select your desired label or document from the Options menu.  In either case, you'll then see you have the option to indicate a specific Attendee Status prior to running the merge, as in the example below:

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