How do I remove contacts from a Tag Group?

We looked at creating Tag Groups here.  But, since Tag Groups, unlike Quicklists, require manual updating, the question sometimes arises of how you go about removing a contact from a Tag Group.  There are two ways to go about this.

If you are within an individual contact's record and just want to remove them from a Tag Group, go to the Common Tasks section of their Overview page:

Click Add to Tag Group.  This will open a dialog where you can add additional Tag Memberships to the record or remove Tag Memberships:

In this example, let's say you wanted to remove the contact from the "New Parents" Tag Group.  You can remove the check next to New Parents, click Add to Tag Group and that particular Tag Membership for the contact will be removed.  If you then look at the Dashboard of the Contact's Overview, you'll see the Tag Membership is no longer reflected in their Dashboard (but Centers of Influence and Clients Tag Memberships are still in place):

If you want to remove multiple clients from one particular Tag Group, you can go to your Tag Group Manager (Contacts —> Tag Groups):

Click on the Tag Group Name from which you want to remove members.  In this case, we'll click "New Parents."  The members of that Tag Group will then appear at the bottom of the page after it refreshes:

You can then right-click any contact you want to remove from your Tag Group and select Remove From Tag Group.

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