How do I add a photo for a Contact?

After creating a record for a contact, you can then add a photo for the contact if you would like.

To do so:

  • Click Change Photo in the Basic Information section for the contact:

  • Click Upload File, then browse and select the image you would like to use (note that the maximum file size is 4MB):

  • Begin to crop the photo for a thumbnail by clicking OK:


  • Click Start Crop below the photo to begin the process:


  • Resize/drag the box around on the image until your desired thumbnail is formed.  A recommended best practice here is to just set the crop to the contact's face:


  • When finished, click Save Client Photo (you will also need to confirm the photo has saved successfully when a pop up box appears and then click the "X" in the top right corner of the Edit Photo screen to close and return to the contact's record):


  • You should then see your client photo in their Basic Information section:


  • if you click on the contact's photo here, your original upload will popup in a dialog, with their full name displayed beneath the picture and an option to download the image in the bottom right corner:


    If at a later date you want to remove the photo, just click Edit in the contact's Basic Information section and you'll see an option to Clear Contact Photo.


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