How do I add a new Contact Record?

While this may be a basic task, it is probably worth taking a quick look at the way to add a Contact to Redtail.

To add a new contact, select the Add New Contact link from your top navigation menu under Contacts:



Select which Contact type you would like to add by clicking on the corresponding tab:



Below is an example of the Add Contact screen with a Contact Type of Individual.  While most of the fields are self-explanatory, I've highlighted several areas and provided additional commentary below the screenshot on these areas:





Employer Field: If you already have some employers in your database and one of them matches what you begin typing in this field, you can simply select it to link the contact to that Employer.  If the Employer is not currently in your database, this will create a Business Record for the Employer after you click the Create New Individual button.

Family Name Field: This is an important field within Redtail, particularly if you plan to utilize Redtail for mail merges or labels.  You can read more about Family Names here.  Note: You will want to use Family Names for single individuals as well as for Family Heads.

Spouse First and Last Name Fields: You can add records for spouses and link them to their Family Head here, as long as you enter at least a First and Last Name for the spouse.  To add a spouse at a later time, you would first need to create an Individual Contact Record for them and follow these instructions for creating family relationships in Redtail.

Servicing Advisor and Writing Advisor: If you add a spouse from this screen as well, whatever you select for Servicing Advisor and Writing Advisor will also apply to the Spouse's contact record.

Attach Checklist: If you have Checklist Templates saved within your database, this allows you to choose a Checklist to attach to a contact as you add them to your database.

Attach Workflow:  If you have Workflow Templates saved within your database, this allows you to choose a Workflow to attach to a contact as you add them to your database.

Permissions: If you use Permissioning within your database, this allows you to select Permissioning Levels for the contact when adding them to your database.

After entering the information for your new contact, click the Save New Individual button at the bottom of the page.  Or, if you want to immediately add another contact record, click Save & New.

Your new Contact Record will then be accessible within Redtail for further editing or actions.

Note: the Add Contact screens for Business, Association, Trust and Union appear as below:



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