Defining Family Relationships

By creating families within Redtail CRM, you can quickly and easily see related Contacts in one place and quickly access family members’ records.  NOTE: we recommend adding family members that don't live under the same roof as your Family Head via Memberships.  You can learn more about Memberships here.

To set up a family, first go to the contact’s record that you want to serve as the Family Head and click on Relationships from the Contact Overview menu:

Next, click Create New in the Family section:

After clicking Create New, you'll see the Family section update for your Family Head, listing them as the Family Head for this family:

Also, your Create New option will be replaced by Add and Clear Family options.  The Clear Family option will remove any family relationships you establish here, as well as removing the contact's Family Head designation.

To add new family relationships, you can click Add, at which point you’ll see the below dialog:

From here, you can link an existing record from within your database to your Family Head.  If you begin typing their last name in the Contact Record box, you’ll see options come up that match what you’ve typed:

When you see the correct record, click on it to select.  Then select the appropriate relationship and click Add Family Member:

If the family member you're attempting to add doesn't already have a contact record within your database, you'll be allowed to add them here.

Repeat these steps to add additional family members to the Family Head's record.  If we were to add two children in addition to the spouse we've just added, this record's Family section might then look like the below:

To delete a family member, just right-click their name and select Remove Family Member:

One final note: if you were to enter any of the other family members' contact records, you will see the same information displayed in their Family section, but you will not have the option to Add additional family members from their records.

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