Contact Overview: Recent Notes

Your contact's Overview screen contains a Recent Notes section for the contact. Below is an example of this section:

For each Note in this section, you will see:

  • the date and time it was entered and the database user who entered the Note:

  • the Category of the Note (and an indication icon and company name if the note is tied to one of the contact's Accounts - the company name links directly to detailed information about the account within your database):

  • The Note itself (if it is a Note from a completed Activity, you'll also see "Activity: followed by the Activity Name":


A Contact's Recent Notes section displays all Notes entered for that Contact within the period indicated at the top right-hand side of the Recent Notes header:


Right-clicking a Note in this section will provide you with the opportunity to Print or Delete an individual Note:



To change the time period of Recent Notes displayed on their Overview, just click "Last 30 Days" and select from one of the other available options:

As you can see, you can elect to display the contact's Last 10 Notes, Notes entered in the Last 24 Hours or Notes entered in the Last 30 Days.

If you want to see all Notes for a Contact, just click the View All link in the header:

This will take you to the main Notes page for the contact, otherwise accessible from within their record under Contact Overview —> Notes.

You can also click the Add Note link here in the header bar to access the dialog for adding a new Note for the contact.  The Add New Note dialog looks like the below:

You can simply enter your Note in the text box labeled Note.  Your other options when entering your Note are described below:

Category: If you assign your Notes a Category, this will allow you to search Notes by that Category when running your Notes Reports.

Account:  You can select one of your client's accounts that the Note is in reference to.

Copy To:  You can copy the Note to another contact's record (this might prove useful for a point of contact with spouses).

Notify: You can select other database users from this pull down menu to whom you would like to send an email notifying them of this Note entry.

Create follow up activity: Checking off this option will open a dialog for Activity creation after you've saved your Note.

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