Contact Overview: Contact Details

Your contact's Overview screen contains a Contact Details section for the contact. Below is an example of this section:


By default only the final four digits of the Tax ID number are displayed, but you can view the entire number if necessary by clicking Show SSN/Tax ID to the right of this field (or you can turn off this default setting within your Site Preferences).  You can click Edit in the top right corner of this section to make edits to any of these fields for a record, excluding the Input Date and Input By fields.  Note: you can also right-click anywhere within this box to access Edit options for any of these fields that may change over time or to View History of changes for any of those fields:




As an example, were you to select "Change Status" from this right-click menu, you'd see the below:




If you were to click "View History," you'd see a history of all changes for these five fields (with the option to filter the view to only one of them should you need to do so):




Status and Category are discussed in some detail here.

Source refers to the means by which you obtained the contact as a client.  You can learn how to edit the available options in your Source list here.

Referred By is a free form field, so you can enter any name you would like here without creating a predefined list from which to choose.

Tax ID: enter the contact's Social Security Number or Tax ID number here.

Date of Birth: Note that if you've entered a Date of Birth for a contact, their age will be displayed in the Contact Details section in red.  Also, when editing this field, you'll have an option to "Enable reminder" for Birthday Reminders.

Marital Status: You can choose between Divorced, Life Partner, Married, Separated, Single, Unknown or Widowed.  Additionally, you can enter an Anniversary Date, if applicable.  Wedding Anniversary Reminders will also show up in the Reminders section of your Dashboard.

Gender: Self-explanatory.

Servicing Advisor / Writing Advisor: You can learn how to edit the available options for these two fields here.

Client Since: Self-explanatory.  If you've entered a date for this field, the number of years they have been a client will be displayed here in red.

Input Date and Input By: These fields indicate the date and time and individual that added the record to your database.  They are not editable fields.

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