Contact Overview: Contact Card

Your contact's Overview screen contains a Contact Card section for the contact. Below is an example of this section:




Along with the Basic Information section from this page, the Contact Card is the only other section that shows up on every page that you're able to visit within a Contact Record.  This was set up this way so that you always have quick access to all contact information you need for a record, no matter where you may be within their record.

The Contact Card includes all Phone Numbers, Internet Addresses, Physical Addresses and Social Media Addresses that you've entered for a Contact.  Internet Addresses can be clicked to send emails or view websites and Social Media addresses can be clicked to visit those contact Social Media profiles.

To add a new Phone Number, Internet Address, Physical Address or Social Media address for a contact, just click the corresponding add button:




Clicking add next to Phone Numbers will present you with the below:



Select the Phone Number type in the box that says "Home" above, type in your Phone Number and add Extension, Speed Dial or Description if desired.  (Note: If you enter a Description, you can view this description by hovering over the phone number it describes on the Contact Card.) Then click Save Phone.  Your new Phone Number will then be displayed in the record's Contact Card.

While your fields for completion will be different for Internet, Physical Addresses or Social Media Addresses, the process is the same.

To edit an existing Phone Number, Internet Address, Physical Address or Social Media Address, just click on the Type to its left.  As an example, if you needed to change the Apartment number to 18 for this record's Home address, you would click "home" next to that address:



You'd then see the address available for editing:




Just make your edits and click the Save option.  Your changes will then be reflected on the Contact Card.

Note as well the "history" option next to each of these contact methods:




Clicking "history" for any of these fields will provide you with a history of changes for that field along with the database user who made the change and the date and time they did so.

Finally, note that the preferred contact method for the contact is bolded within the contact card.  In our example above, the Cellular Phone Number is this contact's preferred contact method.  If we wanted to change the preferred contact method to the Home phone number for the contact, we'd click on the word "home" under Phone Numbers and then select the Preferred Contact Method box:




This contact's Contact Card would then look like the below:



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