Contact Overview Menu: Workflows

When you access a contact record in Redtail, you'll notice a new heading menu in your navigation bar, labeled Contact Overview (this menu only appears when within a contact record):




Here, we'll look at the Workflows option under this menu:




After clicking Workflows from the menu, you will see any Workflows currently attached to the contact:



You can learn more about creating Workflow Processes here.  In this post, we'll just be looking at how you work with Workflows that have been attached to a contact.

What you'll find here are six columns of data for each Workflow attached:

Process Name - as the column header states, this is the name of the Workflow Process.

Current Step - the current active (not completed) step for the Workflow.

Description - when you create Workflow Steps, you are provided with the option of giving them a description, so that the purpose of the Step is clear.  If you provided a description, it will show up in this column.

Start Date - this column indicates the Start Date for the Workflow Process

Due Date - this column indicates the Due Date for the Current Step.

Assigned To - the database user to whom the Current Step is assigned.

In the header bar of this section, you'll see an Attach New Workflow option:



If you click this option, you can attach a new Workflow Process to the contact:


You can click the arrows in the Process box in this dialog, select the Process from that menu, and choose a Start and Due Date for the Process.  If you want to use the default owner for each Workflow step (as determined by the Workflow template), you can leave Owner set to "Use Default Owner on Workflow."  Or, you can choose an Owner from the list of database users in this menu.  Be aware that if you select a database user from this menu that only the initial step will be assigned to that database user - all subsequent steps will still be assigned to whomever is indicated within the Workflow Process template.  After making your selections, click Attach Workflow Process.  If we had selected a Workflow Process called "New Seminar contact" above, the contact's current Workflow Processes would appear as below:


We'll take a look now at your right-click options available with each Workflow.  If you right-click one of the Workflows, you'll see the below options:




Edit Step - selecting this option will provide you with a dialog where you can change the Owner for the Step or its Due Date.  Bear in mind this will only change these items for the Process attached to this contact.  It will not alter your master Workflow Process.

Complete Step - this option will open up a dialog where you can indicate the actual Completion Date, choose one of your available Step Results and enter any Step Notes you would like. You can also run a Mail Merge with a selected mail merge template here, if the step requires this. You can then click Complete Workflow Step:





View Workflow History - this option will display the history of this particular Workflow process for the contact:



Note: the current Active Step will appear in green text.

Delete Workflow Process - if you want to remove the Workflow process from the contact, you can select this option.  It does not complete the workflow, but instead removes it from the contact.

To the right of the contact's Workflows grid, you'll see an Activity Views box:




You can click these links to change your Workflows View to Open Activities, Completed Activities, Active Checklists, Completed Checklists or Completed Workflows for the contact.

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