How do I update the Status, Category or Source for multiple contacts in bulk?

Three of the available fields within each contact record's Contact Details section are Status, Category and Source:

Contact Source refers to the method by which you obtained the contact.  The uses for Contact Status and Category might not be as immediately clear, but you can read more about our recommendations for these fields here.  Additionally, you can read how to add new options for each of these three fields here.  To edit any of these fields on an individual level, you can simply click Edit in the Contact Details section for the contact, make your selections and click Save Contact Details:

If you need to change Status, Category or Source for a group of contacts, you can do this in bulk from your Advanced Search page:

After pulling up and selecting the group of contacts to whom you would like to apply the change, you can select which field you would like to change in bulk from the Options menu to the right of your search results:

For our example here, let's say I've chosen Bulk Contact Source Change.  We would then see the below dialog:

Note that at the top is an indication of how many records you are about to apply your change to (88 Records). In the New Contact Source field, if you're simply wanting to remove any information for the Contact Source field for each of the records, you can leave this at the default and click Change Contact Source.  If, however, you want to change this field to one of the available Sources you've added to your database, you can click the arrows in the New Contact Source box, select that Source and click Change Contact Source. Your changes should immediately take place for each of the records that were selected.

The same procedure outlined above for Bulk Contact Source Change would apply to making changes to Contact Category or Contact Status.

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