How do I access my Recycle Bin?

Within Redtail you can access your Recycle Bin under your Contacts menu:



Your previously deleted records are on display in your Recycle Bin:




Each deleted record has a corresponding date/time in the Deleted On column to let you know when the record was removed from your database.  If you right-click a contact name, you'll see that you have two options:



Clicking Permanently Delete Contact will remove the record from your Recycle Bin, and you will not be able to restore it at a later date.

Clicking Restore Contact Record will place the Record back in your database.

These two actions can also be performed in bulk by selecting the desired contacts and then clicking Delete Selected or Restore Selected in the top right corner of your Recycle Bin.

Note: placing a check in the Name box above your first contact listed here will select all contacts in your Recycle Bin, should you want to delete or restore them all in bulk:



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