Contact Overview: Important Info

Your contact's Overview screen contains an Important Information section for the contact. Below is an example of this section:

The Important Information section provides you with an area on each contact's Overview page to enter information about the contact that you want to be quickly accessible, i.e. you can take a quick glance at it whenever the contact calls. The type of information you track here is up to you, as it is a freeform field.  Note: there is a 7,999 character limit in the Important Info field.

You can click the Edit button in the top right corner to add or remove information here.

You also have the ability to use basic HTML tags to make edits to the information entered in the Important Info section.  For example, you might want the above Important Info section to appear like this:


Note that now we've italicized a word, bolded another and underlined a third.  We've also put line breaks between the three sentences.  We accomplished this by clicking the Edit button and inserting the appropriate HTML tags and using hard returns within the Edit dialog:


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