Contact Overview: Email History

Your contact's Overview screen contains an Email History section for the contact (if Redtail hosts your email). Below is an example of this section:


You have two right-click options for any messages present here:



  • Download Original Message - clicking this will open up the actual email message, providing you access to attachments (if any) as well as allowing you to Reply to or Forward the message.
  • View Message - clicking this opens the message in a popup Email Message Viewer, where you can also download any attachments if need be.  Double-clicking an email message's row or single-clicking its subject line also opens it in the popup Email Message Viewer.

For each Email message in this section, you will see:

    • Message Date/Time:

    • Attachment column, with icon indicating an attachment if one present:

    • Subject line of Message:

    • From field, indicating email address from which the Email was sent:

Beneath your Email History display, you'll see the below:


This bar will allow you to move between the pages of Email History for a particular contact as well as displaying the total number of archived emails for the record.

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