Contact Overview: Basic Information

If you've added a record for a contact, but have done little other than adding their name, when you first go to their contact record you will see very little information within their Basic Information section. For example, let's say we've added a record for a Dr. Joseph Heller but all we have added to the database is his name only. The contact's Basic Information section would appear as below:



Let's take a look at the other information that can be displayed within Basic Information for a contact, should you add it to your database.

If you click Edit in the top right of this section, you'll see the below:




I'm going to go ahead and fill in some information for all the blank fields above in the example below:





After filling in your desired information, click Save Contact Basics.  The information entered above would then display as in the example below:




Several items you should note here:

  • The information we entered in the Employer field is a link.  That's because when you add an Employer for a contact, a Business Record is automatically created for that Employer.
  • The data in the Family Name field.  The Family Name field is important in Redtail, particularly when running mail merges.  You can read how to use this field here.

There are two additional items that you can display in the Basic Information section for a contact record.  The first is a photo of the contact, which you can upload after clicking Change Photo in the Basic Information section.  See instructions here for uploading a contact photo to their record.  Note as well in the Edit Basic Information dialog above that you can Clear Contact Photo later if you do not desire it to be included.

If a contact is married, after linking them to their spouse within Redtail, the spouse's name will show up here.  You can see this post for instructions on linking family members, including spouses.

After adding a contact photo and linking Dr. Heller to a spouse, his Basic Information section might look like the below:



Note that the Spouse's name is always a direct link to whatever section of their contact record that you are currently viewing in the other spouse's record.  So, if you were currently looking at Joseph Heller's Accounts page, and you clicked on Janice Heller's name in his Basic Information section, you'd be taken to her Accounts page.

These are all of the fields currently available for display within a contact's Basic Information section.

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