Contact Overview Menu: Checklists

When you access a contact record in Redtail, you'll notice a new heading menu in your navigation bar, labeled Contact Overview (this menu only appears when within a contact record):




Here, we'll look at the Checklists option under this menu:




After clicking Checklists from the menu, you will see any Checklist Templates currently attached to the contact:



You can learn more about creating Checklist Templates here.  In this post, we'll just be looking at how you work with Checklists that have been attached to a contact.

What you'll find here are four columns of data for each Checklist attached:

Checklist Name - as the column header states, this is the name of the Checklist Template.

Description - when you create Checklist Templates, you are provided with the option of giving them a description, so that the purpose of the Checklist is clear.  If you provided a description, it will show up in this column.

Tasks - this column indicates how many of the total tasks that make up a Checklist have been completed for this contact.

Date Assigned - the date the Checklist was attached to the contact.

In the header bar of this section, you'll see an Attach New Checklist option:



If you click this option, you can attach a new Checklist Template to the contact:



You can click the arrows in the Available Checklists box in this dialog, select the Checklist from that menu, choose a Start Date and click Attach Checklist.  If we had selected a Checklist Template called "Monthly Newsletter for A Clients Checklist" above, the contact's current Checklists would appear as below:



We'll take a look now at your right-click options available with each Checklist.  If you right-click one of the Checklists, you'll see the below options:



Edit Checklist - selecting this option will provide you with a dialog where you can change the Checklist Name or its Description.  Bear in mind this will only change these items for the Checklist attached to this contact.  It will not alter your master Checklist Template.

Print Checklist Tasks - this option will open up a pdf of the Checklist Template, indicating each Task, its Description, its Due Date, to whom it is assigned and its Status.  You can then print the pdf if need be.

View Checklist Tasks - this option (which can also be activated by double-clicking the Checklist) is the one you would select that will allow you to mark tasks within a Checklist complete (by changing the Task's Status). You can also delete or edit Tasks here, or change their Due Date or to whom the Task is assigned:




After making any changes to any of the Tasks, just click the corresponding Save link (underneath the Status menu). Once done, you can click the "X" in the top right corner to close out of this View.

Delete Checklist - this is your final option when right-clicking a Checklist.  Selecting this will remove the Checklist from the contact record.

To the right of the contact's Checklists grid, you'll see an Activity Views box:




You can click these links to change your Checklists View to Open Activities, Completed Activities, Completed Checklists, Active Workflows or Completed Workflow processes for the contact.

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