Contact Overview Menu: Notes

When you access a contact record in Redtail, you'll notice a new heading menu in your navigation bar, labeled Contact Overview (this menu only appears when within a contact record):




Here, we'll look at the Notes option under this menu:




After clicking Notes from the menu, you will see your contact's Notes history (below is a partial sample from a contact record):



Here you can see all historical Notes entered on your contact's record, along with the date/time they were entered, the database user that entered the Note, the Category of the Note and the Account Company (if Note was linked to an account during its creation.  The Account Company is a link directly to detailed information about the account within your database).

Notes Section Header

In the Notes header bar, you'll see an Add Note link:



You can see this post for information on working with Notes, including how to add a Note.

Right-Click Options

You have four options when right-clicking a Note here:




Print Note - this will open the Note up in a pdf, suitable for printing.

Change Category -  You should be aware that, while you cannot edit Notes at a later date, you can go back and edit their Category at any time.  This can prove useful if your office at some point wants to change how they categorize Notes, particularly since the Standard Notes Report allows you to filter by Category.

Change Linked Account - You can also later change which account a Note is liked to.

Delete Note- this will allow you to delete the Note from view within the contact's record.

Notes Section Footer

Beneath your Notes displayed on this page you'll see a navigation bar:



This bar indicates what page of Notes you are on and the total number of pages of Notes for the contact.  On the right end of the bar you can also see how many total Notes you have for the contact.  The arrows allow you to move between pages of Notes or you can type in a specific page of Notes you would like to go to.  In the example above, this contact has 30 pages of Notes.  We're looking at the latest 25 Notes (out of a total of 741 Notes.)

Note Options

Under your Manage Your Account —> Change Site Preferences menu, you can go to the Client Record Options section to change the Client Notes Per Page that are displayed here as well as the Default Client Notes View:



Client Notes Per Page controls how many Notes per page show up by default when you visit a contact's Notes page.  The more Notes you display per page by default, the less total pages of Notes you would have for a contact.

Default Client Notes View controls what types of Notes you see by default when you visit a contact's Notes page.  Your options are to set the default to any combination of Notes, Completed Activities, Emails Sent (using Redtail's internal email client) and/or completed Workflow steps (if a Note entered when completing the step).

While you can control your default for Client Notes View from your Site Preferences page, you can also change what Types you are viewing from the Notes page for a contact in the Note Options box:




Just check off the Types you want to see and the page will refresh to reflect your selections.

You should also note the Order By option here, which will allow you to reverse the chronological order in which your contact's notes display.

Also, you have a View option here to display Family Notes for the contact here within their Notes page.

Note Reports

There are two Note Reports available on this page for the contact as well:



Each of these reports opens in pdf format, making them suitable for printing.

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