Contact Overview Menu: Activities

When you access a contact record in Redtail, you'll notice a new heading menu in your navigation bar, labeled Contact Overview (this menu only appears when within a contact record):




Here, we'll look at the Activities option under this menu:




After clicking Activities from the menu, you will see your contact's Open Activities:



Your Open Activities are divided into several columns by default:

Activity Date


This column displays the date of the activity and indicates whether it is a timed or an All Day Event.

Activity Type


This column displays an icon indicating the Type (Task, Phone Call, Appointment or Custom) of Open Activity.

Activity Importance and Priority

These two columns display the Importance and Priority you assigned an Activity, if any.


This column displays whatever information you entered in the Activity field when creating the Activity.


This column displays the location of the Activity, which can be entered during creation or editing of an Activity.


This column displays the Activity's Category, which can be selected during creation or editing of an Activity.

Assigned To

This column displays the database user to whom the Activity is currently assigned.

Open Activity Display Options

You can select or deselect columns for display by clicking on the down arrow that displays in any of the column headers when you hover over them and then hover over Columns:



Note as well that this will provide you with the option to sort a given column in ascending or descending order (which can also be accomplished by simply clicking on the column header).

Double-clicking anywhere in an Activity's row will open up the Activity for editing.

Right-clicking anywhere in an Activity's row will present you with several options:



Note as well the grey bar running along the top of your Open Activities here, specifically the Add button at the end:


Add - clicking this will open up an Add New Activity dialog.  You can read more about creating Activities here.  The only difference in creating an Activity from within a contact's record rather than from elsewhere within your database is that the Contact field will already be populated, reflecting the record from which you are creating the Activity.

The last thing to point out about the Open Activities section is the navigation bar beneath it, which will allow you to move between pages of Open Activities, refresh a contact's Open Activities or see the total number of Open Activities for the contact:


To the right of the Open Activities grid, you'll see an Activity Views box:




You can click these links to change your Activity View to Completed Activities, Active Checklists, Completed Checklists, Active Workflows or Completed Workflow processes for the contact.  If you change your view to Completed Activities, you can right-click a Completed Activity and restore it as an Open Activity.

One final note: if you hover over Activities in the Contact Overview menu, you should see that you have the option to enter any of these Activity Views directly from the menu:



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