Workflow Funnel Report

Redtail CRM offers you a large number of Standard Reports to assist you with quickly accessing information that is relevant to your day-to-day operations.  One such report is the Workflow Funnel Report.  

To access the Workflow Funnel Report, click the Standard Reports option under the Reports menu from your top navigation menu to see all of the available Standard Reports within your database:


On the resulting page, your Workflow Funnel Report is accessible within the Workflow Reports section:


After clicking Workflow Funnel Report, your report will open up, initially displaying no data:



To the right, you'll see a Filters widget, which will allow you to choose the Workflow Process in your database that you would like to view the Funnel Report for:




After selecting your Workflow and then clicking Apply Filter, your results might look similar to the below:




The Workflow Funnel simply displays the Workflow Process you selected in a graphical format that indicates how many contacts are currently at each step of the process.  You can then see which contacts are currently on one of those steps by clicking the corresponding bar for the step on the graph.  As an example, I've clicked the Step with 5 contacts currently indicated and now I see this above the Funnel:



To get more use out of the Workflow Funnel Report, use the grid system to filter, sort and group the content in the report on the fly. The grid allows:

  • Reordering information by sorting and grouping
  • Showing additional columns

How to use the grid:

  • When in the Report, hover over the header row item you would like to filter or sort, then click the arrow that appears within that header. In the example below, I've clicked the arrow in the Start Date header:


  • Sort Ascending / Descending will arrange the items in the column alphabetically from A to Z or Z to A or in terms of value.
  • The Columns option will allow you to check off the columns you want to appear in your grid. Column options are different for each report.
  • Group By This Field will allow you to group all the items in the grid by the field from within which you have chosen the dropdown menu.  If you were to click Group By This Field from within the Start Date header menu on this report, the grid would then refresh, grouped by Start Date, as in the example below:


  • Show in Groups will collapse the items in each of the groups by default. Clicking the plus sign in the grid next to an item will expand the group.  If you don't want your report items displayed in groups, just uncheck Show in Groups from the menu.
One final note: if you click a contact name when looking at a Workflow Step in grid format, you'll be carried to the contact's Workflows page, where you can edit or complete that particular step.

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