Seminar Checklists Reminder Report

Redtail CRM offers you a large number of Standard Reports to assist you with quickly accessing information that is relevant to your day-to-day operations.  One such report is the Seminar Checklists Reminder Report.  

To access the Seminar Checklists Reminder Report, click the Standard Reports option under the Reports menu from your top navigation menu to see all of the available Standard Reports within your database:


On the resulting page, your Seminar Checklists Reminder Report is accessible within the Reminder Reports section:


After clicking Seminar Checklists, your report will open up, displaying your database's Seminar Checklist Task Reminders. Here's a look at a sample Seminar Checklists Reminder Report:



Note, you will only see those Seminar Checklist Tasks that are assigned to you in this report.  So, in the above example, we are assuming that you are Les Andrews and you currently have three Seminar Checklist Task Reminders, displaying the Action (Task), Seminar Name, Due Date and Owner for each of these tasks.  Additionally, when you attach a Checklist to a Seminar, no dates or Owners will automatically be assigned to the Checklist Tasks.  After attaching a Checklist to a Seminar, you will need to right-click the Seminar, select Manage Seminar Checklist and then assign Due Dates and Owners for each of the Checklist Tasks.  If you neglect this step, no Seminar Checklist Reminders will be generated for the Seminar.

Clicking on any of the column headers will sort your data in ascending or descending order, based upon the data in the column whose header you clicked.

Clicking on the down arrow that appears when you click on any of the column headers will present you with some additional options:

  • Reordering information by sorting and grouping
  • Showing additional columns

How to use the grid:

  • When in the Report, hover over the header row item you would like to filter or sort, then click the arrow that appears within that header. In the example below, I've clicked the arrow in the Seminar Name header:


  • Sort Ascending / Descending will arrange the items in the column alphabetically from A to Z or Z to A or in terms of value.
  • The Columns option will allow you to check off the columns you want to appear in your grid. Column options are different for each report.
  • Group By This Field will allow you to group all the items in the grid by the field from within which you have chosen the dropdown menu.  If you were to click Group By This Field from within the Seminar Name header menu on this report, the grid would then refresh, grouping the Seminar Checklist Tasks Reminders by Seminar Name rather than chronologically by Due Date:


    In this particular instance, that grouping might not be valuable (as there are currently only Reminders for one seminar).  But, if you had multiple seminars to manage, being able to group the reminders by seminar might allow you to work with the reminders for each more efficiently.

  • Show in Groups will collapse the items in each of the groups by default. Clicking the plus sign in the grid next to an item will expand the group.  If you don't want your report items displayed in groups, just uncheck Show in Groups from the menu.

Double-clicking anywhere within the row for a particular Seminar Checklist Task Reminder will present you with a View Seminar Checklist Tasks dialog for the seminar that the reminder is for :



Here you can edit any of the Tasks or their descriptions, their Due Date, their Owner and/or their Status.  Note: you do have to click Save for each of the Tasks that you make edits to.

To learn more about Seminar Management and attaching Checklists to Seminars and assigning dates for the Checklist Tasks, please see this post.

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