Emails By Contact Report

The Emails by Contact report allows you to search archived emails based upon date range, contact name and the subject field, using the Filters box to the right of the report.

The abilities to search the body of the message for keywords and phrases or to search by email address is not available in this report. This report provides you with an easier way to locate an email linked to a contact's record without having to flip through each page of 25 emails displayed within the Email History widget for a contact.

Please note that the Email Admin Viewing Permissions apply to this report - you can read more about Email Admin Viewing Permissions here (the relevant portion is the last section of the linked post). Only available to subscribers of Redtail's Email Archival and Retention Solutions.

To access the report, click the Standard Reports option under the Reports menu from your top navigation menu to see all of the available standard Reports within your database:


After selecting the Standard Reports option, there are two ways to access Email-related reports. You can either scroll down to the Email Reports section or you can select Emails from within the the floating navigation box to the right.


The Emails By Contact report provides you with the ability to search via date range, contact name and the subject line of the email. Below you will find the full list of available filters:

  • Start Date: Use the first date of the desired date range
  • End Date: Use the day after the end date of the desired date range to ensure all dates are included.
  • Contact: Start entering the name of the contact using Last name first and a menu will expand down. You can choose the contact from within the box.
  • Subject: Search for specific words and phrases within the subject line of emails only.





After applying the filters, the results are returned and displayed within the grid below the Emails by Contact header. To view an email message, you can double-click on the chosen message or you can right-click on the message to select the View Message option. The message will appear in a pop-window within the browser. The right-click menu also provides you with the option to Download Original Message. The message will be downloaded in .eml format.




To get more use out of the Report, use the grid system to filter, sort and group the content in the reports on the fly. The grid allows:

  • Reordering information by sorting and grouping
  • Showing additional columns

How to use the new grid:

When in a report, hover over the header row item you would like to filter or sort, then click the arrow that appears within that header. In the example below, we've clicked the arrow in the From header:



  • Sort Ascending / Descending will arrange the items in the column alphabetically from A to Z or Z to A or in terms of value.
  • The Columns option will allow you to check off the columns you want to appear in your grid. Note: Column options are different for each report.
  • Group By This Field will allow you to group all the items in the grid by the field from which you have activated the drop-down. An example of Emails grouped by Subject is shown below:


  • Show in Groups will collapse the items in each of the groups by default. Clicking the plus sign in the grid next to an item will expand the group.

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