Opportunity Tracker

Redtail's Opportunity Tracker provides you with a method of keeping track of what's in the pipeline. You can access Opportunity Tracker under your Tools menu:



After clicking the Opportunity Tracker link, you'll then see a list of all of the Opportunities within your database:




To see your options for manipulating the data in this grid, you can go here for general information on working with Grid layouts in Redtail. We'll explain what each of the columns represents below when discussing how to create new Opportunities.

To the right of your list of Opportunities, you'll see an Opportunity Summary, a Filters widget that will allow you to determine what Opportunities should display (i.e. you can filter out Opportunities at certain Stages) and an Options widget:

Opportunity Summary



Here you can view (in dollar amounts) the total amount you are currently viewing, the total amount of open opportunities, the total amount of won opportunities and the total amount of lost opportunities.





After clicking Show Stages, you'll see each of your available Opportunity Stages. Place checks next to the Stages of Opportunities you want to display and click Apply Filter:




Note: you can create your own Stages. Learn how here





Also, to the right of your list of Opportunities, you'll see an Options box that will allow you to 1) export your currently displayed data to Excel or 2) send the linked contact of a selected Opportunity to your Advanced Search page for further options.


Creating New Opportunities

To create new Opportunities, click the Add link in the header bar for your existing opportunities:



You'll then see the Add Opportunity dialog:


Below is a look at what type of information you should enter within each of these fields.

Name: Give your new opportunity a name that will be recognizable to you when you see it in a list of opportunities. This might be a Contact, Prospect or Business Name, but it can be anything you choose.
Description: Use this field to type in any relevant data that might be helpful to you or others in your office when working with this opportunity.
Type: Use the pull down box to indicate whether this is New or Existing Business.
Source: Use the pull down box to indicate the source for this new opportunity. Available sources for this menu can be added under Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Lists —> Edit Contact Source List.
Assigned To: Choose which of your database users to whom this opportunity should be assigned.
Amount: Indicate the projected amount at stake for this opportunity.
Close Date: Choose the date by which you expect you would need to close this opportunity.
Next Step: Indicate the next step you need to take towards closing this opportunity.
Probability: Indicate the percentage which you believe represents your chance of closing this opportunity.
Stage: From the pull down menu, choose which stage of the process you are on with this opportunity: Prospecting, Qualification, Needs Analysis, Value Proposition, Identify Decision Makers, Perception Analysis, Proposal, Review, Closed Won or Closed Lost. Available Stages for this menu can be added under Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Lists —> Edit Opportunity Stage List. After completing these fields be sure to click Save Opportunity.
Linked Contacts: After you’ve created an Opportunity you can link it to a contact record within your database, at which point the Contact name will show up as a link under Linked Contacts (represented by the blue icon to the left of the Opportunity Name - click the icon to add or remove links to contacts). If you create the Opportunity from within a Contact Record, it will automatically be linked to that Contact’s record:



Note: There is an Opportunities by Stage report available in your Reports section. Additionally, Upcoming Opportunities are accessible from your Today’s Overview page.

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