Add a Picture to Your Email Signature within Redtail

If you are using Redtail's internal email client to send individual emails or Broadcast Emails, and want to add an image to your signature, you can do so by adding this within the Email Options section of your Site Preferences:




After typing in the text portion of your signature and adding any desired formatting, it might look something like the below:



Now, how do you get your image uploaded so that it will be included with your signature as well?

First, click inside your signature box so that your cursor is blinking in the approximate location where you'd like to place the image. Then, click the Image icon in your Email Signature toolbar:




You'll then be presented with a dialog like the one below:




Note the URL box that I've highlighted in yellow above. To insert an image in your signature file, it must appear online somewhere so that you can copy the image's URL for insertion here. So, locate your desired image online and then copy its URL and paste it into this box, as in the example below:




Your image should then show up in the dialog, where you can adjust additional settings if desired, including Alternative Text (what your email recipients who can receive text-only emails will see instead of your image), the image's Width, Height, whether or not it has a Border (measured in Pixels), how much Horizontal and Vertical Space should be inserted around the image and its Alignment (left or right). After entering the settings you think you want, click OK.

The image should then show up in your Email Signature box. If you see you need to adjust some of your settings, just click the picture and then click the Image icon in your toolbar again, to bring the dialog back up for edits. Note: while you can resize the image simply by clicking it and then dragging a corner inward or outward, we recommend using the Edit dialog to make sure that you are keeping the proportions of the image consistent.

When you are satisfied, just click Save in the upper right-hand corner of the Email Options box and your signature with the image will be included on all future emails originating from Redtail's internal email client.

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