How do I change my Redtail CRM password?

If you've forgotten your CRM password, you can follow these instructions for resetting.

If you know your password but want to reset it, from within your CRM go to Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Users & Teams:




From this page, locate your name in the Current Database Users section and then right-click anywhere within the row containing your name.  For demonstration purposes, let's say George Clinton wants to change his Redtail password:




You can see above that George has right-clicked the row with his name in it and now sees a popup box that includes an option to Change Password.  After clicking that, George would see the below:




Then, it's just a matter of typing in your current password (in the "Your Password" field), new password, confirming the new password and clicking Change Password.

Note: You must be an admin user of the database in order to have access to the Manage Database Users & Teams page.  If you are not, you would need to reset using the reset method described here.


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