Change Site Preferences: Miscellaneous

You can modify your Site Preferences under the Manage Your Account menu:



After clicking Change Site Preferences, the Preferences which you can manage are divided into several categories, which you can jump right to using the Preferences widget on the top right-hand side of the page:




Here we'll take a quick look at Miscellaneous Options:


Use the Reports Display Name field to indicate the name you would like to appear on Reports that you run or print from within Redtail.

Use the Market Watch List text box to add up to 20 symbols for stocks that you’d like to track on your Market News page. You should separate these symbols by a comma. Note: Mutual Funds will not show up on this list.

The Weather Forecast is not currently functional so there is no need to complete this field.

After making any changes to these options, click Save in the upper right corner of the Miscellaneous Options widget and your preferences will be saved.
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