Change Site Preferences: General Options

You can modify your Site Preferences under the Manage Your Account menu:



After clicking Change Site Preferences, the Preferences which you can manage are divided into several categories, which you can jump right to using the Preferences widget on the top right-hand side of the page:




Here we'll take a quick look at General Options:


You're presented with three options in the General section:

  • Using the Default Login Screen pulldown menu, you can choose from a number of available options what page you would like to serve as your initial screen upon logging into Redtail. This is defined individually by each database user.
  • Using the Session Timeout pulldown menu, you can set the automatic session timeout period for your login.
  • The Local Time Zone pulldown, of course, allows you to select your local time zone.
After making any changes to these options, click Save in the upper right corner of the General Options widget and your preferences will be saved.
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