How do I add new User Defined Fields to my database?

User Defined Fields provide you another method for further segmenting your database into useful groups of contacts.  You can learn more about User Defined Fields here.  

To add a new User Defined Field to your database, under your Manage Your Account menu, select Manage Database Lists:




The body of the Manage Database Lists page contains all of the lists that you can edit in expanded form.  You can work with individual database lists by clicking their name in the Lists box to the right:




After you've clicked User Defined Fields your page will refresh displaying only this list:




You can add new User Defined Fields by clicking the Add button in the top right corner.  You'll then see the below dialog:




Just type in your new User Defined Field and click Save User Defined Field.  If you had added a new User Defined Field for "College Attended", you would then see it in your list of User Defined Fields, as below:




User Defined Fields have both Edit and Delete options beneath them, meaning you can edit their name or delete them entirely.

After adding your User Defined Field, it will then be available to add to your contact's on an individual basis or in bulk.

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