Turning Email Notifications on or off for completion of activities you have assigned to others

When another database user completes an activity that you have assigned to them in Redtail CRM, you can control whether you receive an email notification letting you know about the completion.  

To adjust this setting, click on the Manage Your Account menu and select Change Site Preferences:


The second section you'll see on the Change Site Preferences page is Activity Management:


Click on the menu box to the right of Email Notification — Completed Activities to select Yes or No:


After selecting your desired setting, click Save in the upper right hand corner of the Activity Management section and you will have successfully changed this setting.

If you select "No", you can always view your main Calendar, select the User to whom you assigned the activity and click "Show Completed Activities" in the Actions box to see if they've completed.

If you select "Yes", you'll receive email notification each time an activity you've assigned to another has been completed.  An example of one of these emails is below:


In these notifications, you can see the Date and Time of the activity, the Activity Type, the contact/client to whom the activity is attached, the subject line of the activity, any notes added to the activity and, highlighted across the top of the email notification, the date and time the activity was marked complete.

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