Manage Your Account: Manage Database Integrations

In this post we'll look at the options available to you under Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Integrations:




This link is only accessible for database admins.  It allows admins to enable or disable certain integrations for their entire database, though some other steps may be required elsewhere as well to initially set up the integrations - those other steps are outlined in the posts on those particular integrations. Below is a glance at what this area looks like (note, there are other integrations that can be enabled or disabled from this page):




As you can see in this example, we've checked off all of the integrations to enable them.  To be clear, there are additional steps required to establish these integrations with Redtail - see the individual post for each integration partner for those steps.  Enabling them in this area just controls whether or not the widgets for these integrations are on view within your database.  If you don't utilize one of these services, you'll most likely want to disable the integration here, so that it doesn't appear as an option within your database.

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