Making Redtail CRM Your Default (as opposed to Redtail Classic)

With the official release of Redtail CRM on January 10, you'll notice things look a bit different when logging in.  From Redtail's public site, when you hover over Login you'll see the below:

Note that there are no longer separate links for Redtail Classic and Redtail CRM, but instead just a link for Redtail CRM.  Upon clicking Redtail CRM, you'll be directed to your account's login page:

After entering your Redtail credentials, you'll then see a new screen between your login and access to your database.   There are a couple of elements on this page of which you should be aware. First, on the right-hand side of the page, you'll see the below:

Clicking Continue to Redtail CRM will send you directly to your database in Redtail CRM.

Beneath this button note the "Make this the default" option.  This option only displays when you have logged in as the database owner.  If you are the database owner and want all of your users to have access to Redtail CRM only, you can check off this option and then click Continue to Redtail CRM.  Doing so will remove this splash screen from your and all of your database users' login process, i.e. entering your credentials on the previous page will send you straight into Redtail CRM going forward.  Note: if there are still any functionalities from Redtail Classic that have not yet been incorporated into Redtail CRM that your office relies upon, you'll want to leave this option unchecked for now.  Also, if you check this now but later find that there is something from Classic that you still need to access, this selection can be reversed (this option will be incorporated under the database owner's Manage Your Account options).

At the bottom of this page, you'll see the below:

If the database owner has not checked off "Make this the default" above, users will continue to see this splash screen after entering their credentials and will thus continue to have access to this link to log in to Redtail Classic for now.

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