Manage Your Account: Manage Web Links

Under your Manage Your Account menu, one of your options is to Manage Web Links:

Situations may arise where you're working on a different machine than the one in your office or a laptop that you commonly use. In those cases, you might not have access to your bookmarks or tabbed browser settings. If, however, you've stored common website addresses that you use frequently in this area, you wouldn't have to go digging for them. They would just be a click away.  After clicking Manage Web Links, you'll see a list of any web links already set up within your database:

In our example above, six Web Links have been added to this database. Right-clicking any of these will present you with the options to Edit or Delete a particular Web Link. The Edit Option allows you to alter the Link Name (which is how the link displays in your Web Links menu) or the Link URL. To add a new web link, just click the Add New Web Link option in the top right corner of this section. You'll then see the below dialog:

Let's say you wanted to add a Web Link for Google Finance. If you go to Google Finance's home page on the web, you can copy the Link URL directly from their home page. Name the link as you wish and copy that address over into the Link URL field. Your dialog might then look like the below:

Then make sure you click Save New Web Link. Any Web Links you save here will then always be accessible to you from within your database in the Web Links menu at the bottom of the screen:

When you click Web Links here, you'll then see this expand to list all of the Web Links you've added:

You can then just click your desired link and it will open up in a new tab or a new browser window, depending upon your browser settings. Note: Web Links are not tied to one specific username, but will be accessible to all users of the database.

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