Manage Your Account: Dropbox Files & Database Backups

Underneath your Manage Your Account menu, you'll find a Dropbox Files & Database Backups link:


This link is restricted to the database owner and database users with administrative rights.

Dropbox Files

If you have requested a custom report or something of that nature, this is where you'll go to "pick up" the file after we've notified you that it's available. After you click on the link, you'll see any files we've prepared available there for download (and deletion, after you've downloaded them.) Both Download and Delete options are available when right-clicking a file in this area. You can also download a file here by double-clicking it.

Database Backups

If you have requested a backup of your database, these are accessible here and the same instructions referenced for Dropbox Files above apply to Database Backups as well.  Additionally, this is where you can go to request a backup of your database, as indicated in the screenshot below:


Clicking Request Backup will initiate the process of a database backup and you will receive an email when it is ready for download here.

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