How do I clone Workflow templates?

We've now introduced the capability of cloning Workflow Templates.  Since many Workflow Templates may be similar, this will allow you to clone a template, make slight modifications and create separate templates for similar processes.  NOTE: for information on setting up Workflow Templates initially, see this post. To clone an existing Workflow Template, go to Manage Your Account —> Workflow Templates:

You'll then see your existing Workflow Templates:

To clone one of these, simply right-click the Workflow you would like to clone and click Clone Process:

In the example above, if we'd selected Clone Process for the "Meeting with new client" Workflow Template, we'd then see the below after cloning it:

You can see that a second version of that template has been created.  It looks exactly the same, except that it has the word "copy" in parenthesis after the Workflow name. You can right-click the new Workflow, select Edit Process and then alter the Name, Description, Status or Trigger to meet your needs for the new Workflow. To edit the individual Workflow steps within the cloned Workflow Template, click anywhere within the row containing the cloned Workflow Template.  You'll then see associated Workflow Steps for that cloned Workflow Template below your Workflow Processes:

You can work with any of your cloned Workflow Processes Steps by right-clicking and selecting Edit Step, Delete Step, Move Step Down or Move Step Up:

To edit individual Workflow Results for any of your cloned Workflow Processes Steps, simply click on the Step.  You'll then see all Workflow Results for that Step from the original Workflow:

You can then right-click the Result and choose Edit Result or Delete Result to make your changes:

Once you've made all changes to your cloned Workflow Template, you can begin using it.

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