FAQ for transitioning between Redtail Classic and Redtail CRM


We know that with change comes questions and listed below are some of the more common ones that may immediately occur to you when transitioning between Redtail Classic and Redtail CRM

Is my data entered in Classic or Redtail CRM saved in both versions? Your current data is accessible via the Redtail CRM platform and changes made within Redtail CRM will be reflected within Redtail Classic and vice versa.  One exception to this is that Quicklists (or saved search queries) created in Redtail CRM will not be reflected in Redtail Classic.

How do I access Redtail CRM? Redtail CRM login can be accessed here, using your current Redtail username and password.

Will I be charged more to use Redtail CRM? Pricing remains the same so there are no fees associated with transitioning between Redtail Classic and Redtail CRM.

Is Redtail CRM fully functional and ready to go? While January 10, 2012 represents the date at which Redtail CRM moves in to full production and replaces Redtail Classic, new functionalities will be added between now and that date as well as going forward.  Heavy emphasis has been placed upon improving usability and increasing speeds for our web-based CRM as well as upon providing our developers greater flexibility in terms of platform upgrades.  In short, we can bring faster and more frequent upgrades.

How do I provide feedback or suggest features for Redtail CRM? Redtail’s feedback site for Q/A on development features can be accessed here. You can also vote for or comment upon ideas in this forum. When performing any of those actions, you will receive email notifications when a developer or another user comments upon or changes the status of the request.

How can I get training on Redtail CRM? We are fully committed to training for Redtail subscribers, and understand that transitioning between the platforms poses unique challenges for each office. A wide variety of help documentation on working within Redtail CRM can already be accessed here and more materials are being added regularly. 

What has changed between Redtail Classic and Redtail CRM? Around 2,000 feature requests/suggestions have been or will be incorporated into Redtail CRM. You can see a short list of the highlights here.

Will Redtail CRM still require that we use Internet Explorer for full functionality? All major web browsers are supported.  While you can still use Internet Explorer, we recommend that you give Google Chrome or Firefox a try with Redtail CRM, as they are faster browsers and should increase your productivity within Redtail CRM.

What are early users saying about Redtail CRM? Some early reviews of Redtail CRM can be viewed at Morningstar and at RIA Biz.

Where can I see major new functionalities announced? Redtail's Corporate blog, Scribbles 'N' Bits, is a great way to keep abreast of what's new in Redtail CRM. While posts on our blog are not limited to Redtail CRM-related entries, you will certainly find updates there concerning major new features amongst the other posts.  Also, please note that if you use a feed reader, Scribbles 'N' Bits does offer an RSS feed.

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