How do I set up Checklists in Redtail?

A checklist provides you with a way to attach various tasks (that can be pre-assigned to multiple database users) to a client. One way to think of a checklist is as an action sequence. When you assign the checklist to a client, you see all the tasks at once. This allows you to work with any or all of the checklist items at any time in any sequence.  To pull up your existing Checklist templates or to create a new one, you can go to Manage Your Account —> Checklist Templates:



You'll then see your existing Checklist templates:



To create a new checklist template, click on the Add link in the top right corner.  At that point, you will see the following dialog, which is where you name and describe your new Checklist:


Let’s take a look at how you would go about creating a checklist template for preparing and sending a monthly newsletter to your A Clients. In the Name text box above, you might type “Monthly Newsletter for A Clients Checklist” to give your Checklist Template a name. Then you might type “Preparation and Delivery of Monthly Newsletter” in the larger text box to serve as a description of what your checklist template is for. This would look like the following:



You should then click Save Checklist so that you can begin creating the steps involved in your Checklist template.  After saving, click on the row containing your new Checklist to highlight the row.  You can then click Add in the Checklists Tasks table beneath your Checklists table:



A dialog will appear where you can enter your first Checklist Task (Action), a descriptive Note if desired, the default Owner for this Action and the amount of time (Interval) in which this Action should be completed once the Checklist has been attached to a contact:


After completing each field, you should click Save Checklist Task.  Your first Checklist Task might look like this after saving:



To continue adding items to your checklist, simply click on Add again after you’ve saved the previous one and continue adding Actions. When this checklist template is complete, it might look like the following:



Note as well that right-clicking a given Checklist Task here will present you with several options, should you decide you need to make changes to a Checklist template:



Once complete, you can begin attaching your new Checklists to contacts from within a record under Contact Overview —> Checklists.  From that page, click on Checklists in the Activity Views box and then click Attach New Checklist to choose what Checklist to attach to the individual and a start date.

Checklists for Seminars

You can create Checklist templates that are specifically for use with your Seminars.  You'd create them in the same manner as described above and then just attach them to your Seminars either when creating the Seminar or by editing the Seminar after creation.  Seminar Checklist Reminders are accessible from the Reminders section of your Dashboard.

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    Are you able to change the order of the actions?

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