How do I link documents in a contact's CRM Document Storage to one of their accounts?

You can link documents that you upload to a client's CRM Document Storage to individual accounts attached to their record.  Once you've uploaded a document in that area, if you right-click the document, you'll see the option to "Edit Document."  If you click that option, you'll then see the below dialog:


If you then click the arrows in the Account box, you'll see all accounts attached to the record.  Click the account you want to link the document to and then click Update Document.  You can then return to the Account Details page for the account and you'll see this document listed in the Documents section for the account:


Note the three columns here:

  • Document Name — this displays the document filename, along with options to Download the document or remove its link to the account (which would remove it from this page but not from CRM Document Storage).
  • Category — this displays the Master Category designated for the document.
  • File Size/Date Added
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