How do I link an activity to a specific account for a contact?

If you need to tie an activity to a particular account for a contact, there are three ways to do so.

To illustrate, let's take a look at the Accounts page for Emily Investor:




Now, let's say that we want to attach an activity to each of these three accounts.

The first method would simply be to create an Activity for Emily, from whatever area of the database you're currently in.  On the Add New Activity dialog, you'll see an Account box where you can select one of her accounts to tie the activity to:




In this example, we'll select the Charles Schwab account and after filling in all other relevant data we'll click Save Activity.

The second method is to edit an existing activity to tie it to an account.  When you open up an Activity to update it, you'll see the same option to tie it to an account:




In this second example, we'll update the activity to link it to the Prudential account.

Finally, from the Account Details page for an account, which you can access from a contact's Accounts page by double-clicking the account or right-clicking it and selecting View Account Details, you can add an Activity which will automatically be tied to the account.  Below we are looking at the bottom of the Account Details page for Emily Investor's American General account:




If we click Add in the Account Activities section, we'll see an Add New Activity dialog that already reflects linkage to the account whose Details page we were viewing (in this case the American General account):




Regardless of which of these methods you use, the linked Activity will then be on display within the Account Activities section of the Account Details page for that account, as in the example below:




Additionally, once you complete an activity that is tied to an account, it's easy to see in the resulting Note indicating the Completed Activity that it was tied to that specific account.  As an example, I've completed the Activity tied to Emily's Charles Schwab account.  From her Recent Notes section on her Overview (or from her main Notes page), this Note would appear as the below:




If the client has more than one account with a particular company, you can simply hover over the Account Company name in the Completed Activity Note to determine quickly which account the Note pertains to:








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