Contact Overview Menu: Accounts

When you access a contact record in Redtail, you'll notice a new heading menu in your navigation bar, labeled Contact Overview (this menu only appears when within a contact record):




Here, we'll look at the Accounts option under this menu:




This link takes you to your Contact Record Accounts page, where you can view all Accounts you’ve entered for your client or that have been fed over via integration with an account aggregator:



Right-clicking an account will provide you with the options to Edit, Move, Delete or View Account Details, as well as access to generate a complementary Advisory World Fact Sheet for the account:




Note: If the account is linked to an account aggregator, the assets section for the account will be overridden with data provided by the aggregator each time the data feeds into Redtail CRM.

If you would like to edit general information for an account such as tax qualification type or model/strategy, you can edit the details of the account by selecting Edit Account.  You'll then see the below dialog for making your edits:




More specific account information (Ownership Information, Account Beneficiaries, etc.) can also be updated by right clicking an account and selecting View Account Details (or by double-clicking the account).

Note the column headers on your Accounts page.  Clicking on one of these headers will sort your Accounts based upon criteria in that particular column.  Clicking it again will reverse the order.  Additionally, if you click on the down arrow that appears when hovering over a column header, you will see some additional options:



You can read more about Grid Layout Options here.

To add a new account:

Click on the Add link at the top right corner of your Accounts page for a client:



Below is a screenshot of the dialog for adding an account:


Note: If the account is linked to Albridge, the assets section for the account will be overridden with data provided by Albridge each time the data feeds into Redtail CRM.

Note this is the same information available when you right-click on an account and click “Edit Account.”

Also note that you should click the Add Account button at the bottom after you’ve entered all your account information.

Account Options

In the right-hand column, you'll see an Account Options box:




You can select to filter the accounts on display by Account Status by checking off the appropriate boxes here.  Checking off the Show Family Accounts option will allow you to see all accounts for the contact and for those contacts related to the contact (via Family relationships) from within the contact's Accounts page.  Right-clicking one of those Family Accounts provides you with an option to Edit the account from within the Family Head's record.

Account Reports

You have several Account reports available from this page as well:



You can select any of the reports available to open in .pdf format.

Albridge Applink

If you have a data feed from Albridge, this section will allow you to access several reports from Albridge directly from the contact's Accounts page:



Orion Advisors

If you have an account with Orion, you'll also have a widget here with access to Orion Advisors reports:



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