Working with Unlinked Accounts in Redtail

If you have an account feed with one of the account aggregating firms with which Redtail integrates (Albridge, Assetbook, etc.), once your feed begins you'll see a number next to the phrase Unlinked Accounts within the Dashboard section of your Today's Overview page. To access those Unlinked Accounts, you can click on that number:



You can also access your Unlinked Accounts under Reports —> Standard Reports --> Account Reports --> Accounts Unlinked. Whichever method you use, you'll then see your Unlinked Accounts page. In our example below, I'm only showing four accounts for this database, though ordinarily your number would be a great deal larger than this, particularly on the initial feed:


Note the Run Autolink button in the top right corner of this page under Options (as well as the option to export this data to Excel):



If any of the accounts displayed on your Unlinked Accounts page have a red asterisk to their left, this means that the Tax Identification Number that fed over with the account matches a Tax Identification Number for one of your client records. Clicking Run Autolink will link those accounts to the Accounts section of the appropriate client records and the accounts will disappear from this page. Most likely, however, you'll still be left with some accounts on this page after running the Autolink. The question then arises of how to successfully link up the remaining accounts in the Report. Let’s consider the account above that wouldn't successfully link up after running Autolink:



As you can see, the account which we've highlighted does not have a red asterisk to its left, meaning there is not a matching TIN within your database. The first column of data (PUTNAM FIDUCIARY . . .) represents the account registration, and in most cases this data will feed over from the account aggregator. The second column (434343434343434) represents the account number, as provided by the account aggregator. The third column (222222222) represents the Tax Identification Number. In most cases, you'll be able to tell from the first column of data on each account to whom they belong. You can then go into the contact's Record and look at the Contact Details section on their Overview page to see what SSN, if any, is entered for them:



If the contact does not have a Tax ID listed, this is an opportunity for you to add this to their record.  If you add their SSN and it matches the TIN that came over with the Unlinked Account, you can then go back to your Unlinked Accounts page and click Run Autolink. The account will link up to the client record and will continue to feed there going forward. 

If the contact's SSN does not match the TIN that fed over with the unlinked account, from your Unlinked Accounts page you can right-click the account in question, select "Link to Contact" and then type in the last name of your contact to then link the account to their record.

If an Account Number has a tilde (~) to its left on your Unlinked Accounts page, this indicates the account was manually entered at Albridge. Your first step in trying to link this account up should be to make sure that you have the Client in your database. If you do not, you'll need to add a record for them, including their Tax Identification Number.

Note: Unlinked Accounts can also be linked from within a contact's record, if a manually entered version of the account has previously been added to your database.  You can see this post for more details on linking accounts in that manner.

If you need additional assistance with Unlinked Accounts, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at 800-206-5030 opt. 3 then opt. 2 or via email at

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