How do I locate a missing account in Redtail?

Occasionally we receive a call or email from a Redtail user who is trying to locate an account that they believe should be in Redtail CRM.  But, they are not finding it in the Accounts section for the client to whom they believe it belongs. There are two places to look for the account in order to turn it up if it is, in fact, in your database.

Unlinked Accounts

First, you can go to your Unlinked Accounts page, accessible under Reports —> Account Reports —> Accounts Unlinked.  If the account is there, you can see this post for working with Unlinked Accounts.  Note: account feeds typically take 2-3 days after setup to begin filtering into your database.  Additionally, even if you have an established feed, accounts that are new to the feed company (i.e. Albridge, Black Diamond, Orion, etc.) often take a similar time period to show up in your Unlinked Accounts.

Advanced Search

Next, you can run an Advanced Search to see if perhaps the account is tied to another contact record.  Advanced Search is accessible under Contacts —> Search.  On the Advanced Search page, set your parameters as follows: Field: Account Number Operand: LIKE Criteria: type in the account number you’re looking for, excluding any “0”s on the front or end of the account number

When your results are returned, you can right click on any contact names that show up and select Go to —> Accounts to determine if the account you are looking for was inadvertently linked to the incorrect contact record:

If the account is linked to another contact record, you should be able to turn it up using this method.  You can then move the account to the appropriate record.


If your account doesn't turn up using either of these methods, please contact our support team at and provide the account numbers you’re missing.  One of our database administrators can then take a look at your account feed to see if the missing account is coming over in your feed.  If not, you will need to contact the aggregation company you're using for your feed to Redtail to inquire as to why the account is not included in your feed.

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