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Redtail Notes Integration


Redtail CRM users are now able to push their meeting notes from Meeting Manager to Redtail. This most requested feature will enhance your workflows and compliance for annual meetings.

In order to use the Meeting Manager - Redtail Notes feature, ensure all users in your Redtail database are set up with the latest bi-directional Redtail integration to ClientWorks

How to get started

In the top right corner of the Meeting Manager Dashboard, you will see an Integrations Setting Icon. Redtail users who have activated their integration with ClientWorks will automatically see it.




Once you open the Integrations window, you select YES and click APPLY to turn on the integration.




Then, when you create a new meeting, you will be able to view which clients are Redtail Linked.




In the meeting room, you will see that your Redtail Notes integration is turned on.




Once you complete your meeting, Meeting Manager will send your meeting notes to your Redtail. You will see a pop up and time stamp will be added within the Note confirming the note was shared successfully.




In Redtail, you will be able to view your Meeting Notes and add comments just like you can for your other notes.




For additional support, please refer to LPL's FAQ for Meeting Manager – Redtail Notes Integration or contact their Tech Support Help Desk at 1-800-877-7210 ext. 6357.

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