DTS Verify

Integration Name:

DTS Verify

Integration Type:

Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration: 

1. To begin using the integration, you will need to create an account at DTS Verify.

2. After the account is created, you will be guided through an onboarding wizard. Enter your Redtail username and password into the dialog and click ‘Connect’:



Integration functionality:

DTS Verify is a service that will allow you to rapidly confirm the identity of your clients. To add a second factor to your verification procedure, just search for the client’s name in the DTS Verify search box and then click the ‘Verify’ button:




You will then be prompted to select the phone number that you want to send the verification code to. After making a selection, click “Verify”. Your client will immediately receive a verification code:






You will see the following dialog:




Your client will receive a text message and then confirm their identity by returning the code to you:





DTS Verify resources:



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