Speak Release Notes

Note: not all Speak  Release Notes will be published here, as many updates will not necessarily be "visible" to Speak subscribers or relevant to how you interact with the UI. Instead we will focus upon providing short descriptions here of Release Notes that are notable in regard to what you see or how you interact with Redtail Speak.



Reporting in Speak

*Added: Speak Reporting is now available for the database owner of your Redtail Speak account. Learn more here.



Broadcast Messaging Merge Fields

*Added: You can now include Merge fields in your Broadcast Messages, allowing you to personalize these texts, regardless of how many recipients you may be sending a given message to. Learn more here.



Broadcast Messaging/Invites

*Added: You now have the ability to send one text message to multiple clients (bulk text messaging) which displays as an individual text message for each recipient. Along with this capability we have also introduced the feature to bulk invite your contacts to text with you (again, displaying as an individual message for each recipient). Learn more here.




*Added: Sound notifications are now available in your Speak settings to allow you to receive an audible notification for ALL new Texts, Team Messages, and Direct messages.


User Web Interface and App Rollout

*Added: The new version of Redtail Speak is now available, incorporating the Release Notes from below. Redtail Speak is now available as a standalone solution, regardless of whether or not subscriber also uses Redtail CRM. For Redtail CRM subscribers, integration between the two platforms is available. Learn more here.



User Interface

*Added: Users can now select from available merge fields to add them to their custom message templates.

*Added: Users can now invite other users to join a Team Room or a Contact Room.

*Added: Users can now set out-of-office replies that will auto-send in response to Client Room messages (until the end-time indicated).



User Interface

*Added: Custom message templates can now be created, edited, and deleted for use with Speak.



User Interface

*Updated: Image thumbnails can now be clicked to view a larger preview version of the image.



User Interface

*Added: Draft messages now persist between Speak sessions (close/reopen tab on desktop or open/close app on mobile). Saved drafts will be cleared on logout but you'll see a confirmation dialog if you have any drafts when logging out to give you an opportunity to address this. Drafts are room-specific.

* Added: Contact photos are brought over into the app for imported Redtail CRM contacts.

* Updated: The "leave" button is inaccessible if you are the last active user in a Client Room. This prevents the possibility of a Client Room having no users to see messages from a contact.

*Added: If you receive a new Speak notification while not on the Speak tab in your browser, the browser tab title will now flash to alert you to that new notification.



User Interface

*Updated: Users should now experience a quicker login time with recent updates.

*Added: If logged into Redtail CRM, you can now access and edit Contact Details of a contact from your Speak search using an "Edit" button (carries you to their contact record in the CRM).

*Updated: if a contact you are viewing has an existing Room, you'll now see a "Join" rather than a "Text" option for that contact.

*Updated: Search functionality now offers global search (of all rooms you have access to). Your results window should display all messages that match your search criteria, whether sent in Team, Direct, or Contact rooms.



User Interface

*Updated: More consistency was added between the mobile and desktop versions of Speak in terms of icons, message sorting, etc.

* Updated: Messages that contain URLs, email addresses, and/or telephone numbers now display that information as hyperlinks on both Speak desktop and mobile.

*Added: Users can now jump to a room from a global message search. The "Show Context" link for each message in your search results will allow you to see your message in the context of the 25 messages that both preceded and followed it.

*Added: Users can now include emojis in their messages on Speak.

*Added: Users now have a preference where they can choose a timeframe after which they will be marked inactive after that period of inactivity has been reached.



User Interface

*Updated: Public Rooms now display a list of all users within the room along with an indication of whether or not they are currently online. The list is updated in real time as users join and leave public rooms.




*Updated: You can now search for Business Contacts by business name. Additionally, you can now receive journaling emails for business contacts.

*Added: You can now create non-Individual Type contact records in Speak.

*Updated: In the Info drawer for Contact Rooms, you can now view a list of members in the room, along with their active/inactive status (which is updated in real time).

User Interface

*Updated: when scrolled up in a room, you'll receive notifications when new messages arrive for the room, rather than being scrolled down automatically to those new messages.




*Added: Files can now be shared through the interface. To add an attachment, click the attachment icon on the left of the message box. You'll then be presented with an option to browse for the file on your computer that you want to add as an attachment. Just select your file and then follow onscreen prompts for upload into the Room.

File types that can be uploaded are indicated on Twilio's website here. Note: Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon all allow PDFs to be sent through text message, but AT&T does not.

File size, regardless of type, is restricted to no more than 5MB in size.

Note: files such as pdfs will need to be downloaded in order for you to view them. Images, however, display inline. 

Further, for Android users of the Speak mobile app, to receive PDFs/attachments via that platform you will need to download "Messages by Google" to your device. Currently, this is the only way to ensure Android devices will receive PDFs via Speak messages.



 User Interface

*Updated: A full list of your Contacts now displays in the main window when you click the Contacts tab. Additionally, if your Speak account is tied to Redtail CRM, you'll see tabs for both "Speak" and "Redtail CRM" in the main pane after clicking Contacts on the right, allowing you to search for contacts that are in Redtail CRM from within Speak



 User Interface

*Added: You can now view the time a contact or team room was created.




*Updated: You can now add contacts within Speak even if your integration with the CRM is enabled.




*Added: You can now search your contacts within Speak based upon first name, last name, display name, phone number, or email address.




*Updated: You can now edit a contact's name, phone number, time zone, etc., using the edit icon in the contact details side panel. This will open up an area similar to the area where you add a contact's details, but any previously entered information will be there available for edit. 


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