Integration Name:


Integration Type:

Risk Analysis

Setting up the integration:

Log in to your StratiFi account and go to Settings > Integrations and then click "Connect" under the Redtail icon.

You'll then need to select the data (any combination of clients, households, and prospects) you would like to import. 

Finally, enter your Redtail credentials and click submit:


A short video covering setup is below:


Integration functionality:

After Activation as described above, data for the contacts you selected will begin syncing over to your StratiFi account, where you can then see their risk profile and portfolio risk, and have oversight on accounts. Note: it may take up to 24 hours for the data to sync.

Data (and mapping) included in the sync:

Redtail Families to StratiFi Households:
· Family name -> Household name
Redtail Contacts to StratiFi Investor
· Contact First Name -> Investor First Name
· Contact Last Name -> Investor Last Name
· Contact Full Name -> Investor First Name + Investor Last Name 
· Contact Emails -> Investor email (Primary or Preferred Email)
· Contact Status -> used to determine whether the investor is a client or a prospect.

StratiFi resources:




If you are looking for other Risk Analysis options, click here!

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