(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) How to Uninstall Retriever for Imaging and/or Retriever for Tailwag

  • First, EXIT the Retriever program you are planning to Uninstall. 
  • Then, search for ‘Control Panel’ in the bottom left search box on a Windows PC.


  • Select ‘Programs’ OR ‘Programs and Features', depending on the users ‘View by’ filter.
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  • If you selected ‘Programs’ from the Category View, you must also choose ‘Programs and Features'.


  • You will now see a list of all programs that are currently installed on the PC. Scroll to or search at the top right for the Retriever program. 


  • Select the Retriever program you are working with and you will see an ‘Uninstall’ option appear at the top.


NOTE: An Admin password may be required to Uninstall the program.


For more information on Retriever for Tailwag’s Admin Options and how to remove the items it has added to Outlook, please CLICK HERE.


To learn how to see what items Retriever for Tailwag has added to Outlook, please CLICK HERE.


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