(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) Moving Folders with Retriever for Imaging

Within Redtail Imaging you are able to move files and folders one by one. It is a very simple process, and to learn more about it, please CLICK HERE.

With Retriever for Imaging, you are able to move files and folders in bulk as long as they are in the same Library or Folder. It is a normal cut and paste process that anyone can do on a Windows PC. The steps for this process are below.


NOTE: You are unable to copy* and paste with Retriever for Imaging at this time; cut* and paste only.

NOTE: The files that you are wanting to move will need to be in the same library or folder. I.E. you cannot cut multiple items in different folders at the same time. 


First, download and install Retriever for Imaging by signing into your Imaging account using your Redtail Username and Password here or by clicking on the Single Sign-On for Imaging available from the Integrations menu within your CRM.

Once logged in, the Download Retriever link will be available from the Tools menu in your Imaging navigation bar:


Once Retriever for Imaging is installed, you can log in using your Redtail Username and Password.


Then, navigate to the Folder of items that you would like to move.



There are multiple ways to move the files and folders you see in this current folder.

  • You are able to Right-Click any single file/folder and select ‘Cut Image
    • mceclip3.png
    • Once cut, navigate into the folder where you would like to move this file to.
    • There you will find a ‘Paste’ button that will move your cut item.
    • mceclip4.png
  • To move items in bulk, select the items from the same folder by holding CTRL on your keyboard while left-clicking the items.
    • mceclip5.png
    • Once the items that you would like to move are selected, cut the items by using the scissors icon towards the bottom of Retriever for Imaging.
    • mceclip6.png
    • Again, navigate to the folder where you would like to move the cut items to and select the ‘Paste’ button to begin the move.
    • mceclip7.png
    • mceclip8.png

To learn more about what Retriever for Imaging and the upload/download capabilities it has, please CLICK HERE.

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