Best Practice Partner Spotlight: Pulse360 [33:59]


Meeting Follow-ups in Half the Time with Pulse360 & Redtail CRM

Our Best Practice Partner webinars provide you an opportunity to either 1) familiarize yourself with tech solutions you may not currently be using that could benefit your office or 2) take away valuable insights about how you can best utilize the integration points between Redtail and other solutions providers you currently use.

An advisor’s day-to-day is full of meetings, oftentimes back-to-back, which poses the challenge of getting follow-ups done in a timely fashion. With Pulse360 and Redtail, you can automatically trigger workflows and tasks to get follow-up items to your team quickly. Come learn how to eliminate double work and save clicks with Pulse360’s enhanced integration with Redtail CRM.

What is Pulse360?

Pulse360, a remote-ready workflow software solution for financial advisors, today announces the unveiling of its patent-pending, enterprise-level Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite. Designed to combat workflow inefficiencies and make advisory meeting notes 10x more efficient, Pulse360 fixes real-time, remote, and in-person working issues by addressing all aspects of the meeting documentation process - from preparation to follow-ups.

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